Attend, Oh Heaven - Spiral Bound Sheet Music


Coil bound, almost 100 pages. Copied onto heavy-weight bright white paper.  Purchase includes permission to copy for liturgical use within a single parish or choir.  This collection features a number of pieces in znamenny chant and a variety of melodies not commonly used.  It also has the 4-part znamenny stichera for “Let God Arise” which does include the beautiful melisma near the end.



  • “Waters of Babylon” Ps. 136 (137). Znamenny Chant melody, Archangelsky
  • “Make Haste” Hymn from Matins of Sunday of the Prodigal Son, Znamenny Chant
  • “Alas, Black Soul” Aposticha Doxastikon from Meatfare Sunday, Znamenny Chant
  • “Turn Not Thy Countenance” Prokeimenon of Forgiveness Vespers, Carpatho-Russian Chant
  • “Let Us Set Out with Joy” Sticheron of Forgiveness Vespers, Znamenny Chant
  • “Canon of St. Andrew of Crete” Exerpts from Odes 1, 2, & 5, Znamenny Chant_
  • “Now the Powers” Presanctified Liturgy, Bulgarian Chant
  • “O Taste and See” Presanctified Communion Hymn, verses of Psalm 33, Byzantine Chant, 12th C.
  • “The Grace of Truth” Doxastikon of Vespers, Sunday of Orthodoxy, Znamenny Chant
  • “We Venerate” Troparion of Sunday of Orthodoxy, Znamenny Chant
  • “Thy Tongue” Vespers Aposticha, Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas, Carpatho-Russian Chant
  • “Rejoice, O Life-Giving Cross” Vespers Sticheron, Veneration of the Cross, Original Melody
  • “Shine, O Cross” Vespers Sticheron, Special Melody “Rejoice, O Life-Giving Cross”
  • “Archangelski Glas / With the Voice of the Archangel” Megalynarion of the Annunciation, Znamenny Chant
  • “O Holy Father John” Vespers Sticheron of St. John Climacus, Special Melody, “O Glorious Wonder…”, Russian Chant
  • “Today the Grace of the Holy Spirit” Vespers Sticheron from Palm Sunday, Znamenny Chant
  • “Thy Bridal Chamber” Exapostilarion of Bridegroom Matins, Byzantine Chant
  • “Israel, My First-Born Son” Three stichera of the Praises of Matins of Holy Friday, Byzantine Chant
  • “All Creation was changed” Aposticha Sticheron of Vespers of Holy Friday, Bulgarian Chant
  • “Today, the Most-Pure Virgin” Aposticha Sticheron, Matins of Holy Friday, Znamenny Chant
  • “Joseph Together with Nicodemus” Vespers Aposticha Sticheron, Pskov Chant
  • “Today a Tomb Holds Him” Sticheron, Praises of Matins of Holy Saturday, Kievan Chant
  • “Come, Let Us See Our Life” As above
  • “Today, Hell Groans” Sticheron 5, Vesperal Liturgy of Holy Saturday, Lesser Znamenny Chant
  • “Today, Hell Groans” Sticheron 6, as above
  • “Arise, O God” Verses of Psalm 81 (82), Vesperal Liturgy of Holy Saturday, Byzantine Chant
  • “Let All Mortal Flesh” Hymn of the Great Entrance, Liturgy of Holy Saturday, Valaam Chant
  • “The Lord Awoke” Communion Verse, Liturgy of Holy Saturday, Znamenny melody
  • “Let God Arise” Paschal Matins Stichera of the Praises, Znamenny Chant
  • “The Angel Cried” 9th Ode of the Paschal Canon, Valaam Chant, M. Balakirev
  • “Khristos Voskrese / Christ is Risen” Paschal Troparion, Serbian Chant
  • “And Unto Us” Paschal Dismissal Hymn, Znamenny Chant

Attend, O Heaven - Sheet Music, Spiral Bound