This is a small collection of songs written for young children. It is sung in simple style with a solo voice. Although there are a few church hymns, most of the songs are original compositions with basic repetitive melodies that appeal to children and are easy to learn. Compiled for “The Children’s Garden of the Theotokos” curriculum, the words of these songs penetrate the heart and mind of the child with simple yet profound teachings of the Orthodox faith. Based on Scripture, feasts and saints of our church year, they provide another means for young children to enter into the life of the church. Like a series of building blocks, these songs translate our liturgical life into a language children can comprehend and participate in.



  • Have Mercy on Me :47
  • He That Dwelleth :41
  • How Beloved :49
  • O Holy Angels (Mon. Song) :42
  • O Forerunner (Tues. Song) 1:08
  • Cross Song (Wed/Fri. Song) 1:17
  • The 12 Holy Apostles (Thurs. Song) 1:23
  • Troparion to St. Nicholas :40
  • O Holy Lady Theotokos 1:01
  • Come, Let Us 1:00
  • Troparion of the Protection :48
  • Rejoice, O Virgin 1:13
  • Sing, Sing, Sing 1:25
  • St. Michael Song 1:45
  • St. Michael Poem :54
  • Troparion to the Angels 1:26
  • Psalm of Numbers 5:45
  • Pascha Song 1:55

Children's Garden of the Theotokos - CD