Bearing Myrrh

Contributing Poets: Claire Bateman, Mother Macaria Corbett, Frances Hall Ford, Ruth Greenfield, and Renee Fitzloff


Second in the Anaphora Press Poetry Series.  This anthology of poetry by five Orthodox women spans a great geography of thought and feeling. The life experience of these separate lives intertwine through the common threads of their faith and their craft. Like the myrrh-bearing women living among the disciples and Apostles of Christ, who came to His tomb early in the morning bearing their gifts, each of these poetesses also bears her gift within these pages. With deep devotion and tender humility, these words resound within our own hearts. These myrrh-bearers help us to contemplate anew, sometimes in the simplest of images and words, the mystery of Christ's incarnation, His Resurrection, and His dwelling within us.

Bearing Myrrh


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