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  • Total running time: 54 minutes
  • 8-page folder insert
  • historical development of each melody
  • essay by Dr. Dimitri Conomos on the Cherubic Hymn and its substitutes
  • hymn text
  • typeset music available



  • Cherubic Hymn, Znamenny chant, “Now the Powers” melody
  • Cherubic Hymn, Georgian chant
  • Cherubic Hymn, Serbian chant, “Nicholas the Serb” 14th cent.
  • Of Thy Mystic Supper, Znamenny chant, L. Margitich
  • Cherubic Hymn, Russian chant, “Sophronievskaia”
  • Cherubic Hymn, Znamenny chant
  • Cherubic Hymn, Znamenny chant, Tone 5, L. Margitich
  • Cherubic Hymn, Serbian chant, Tone 1, after Mokranjac
  • Now the Powers, Bulgarian chant
  • Let All Mortal Flesh, Russian Valaam chant
  • Cherubic Hymn, Romanian chant, Tone 8, I. Popescu-Pasãrea


Editor’s Note 

If you listen carefully to the final clip (Track 11) you can hear a bell tolling at the very end. At the airport en route to our final recording session in California, I received a call from Fr. Lawrence, saying that a member of the parish had died and some of our plans for one of the sessions he was scheduled to conduct would have to be changed due to the funeral. In the end, they decided to have the funeral in the smaller church and we decided to go ahead and record sans director in the main church, knowing we would have to discontinue once the funeral let out because of all the noise. As it happened, we were recording the final “Alleluias” of the hymn when the bell began to toll and birds burst into song. We quickly looked at each other and all knew we needed to keep going rather than stop the tape. It felt like a very appropriate and blessed thing to be able to offer our final hymn as a living memorial to the handmaid of God Olga. May her memory be eternal!


The historical essay by Dr. Dimitri Conomos is excerpted from his doctoral dissertation of 1974 on the Byzantine Trisiagia and Cherubika of the 14th–15th Centuries. One of the pieces on our album, (Track 3) is a melody taken from this thesis.

Cherubika Physical CD

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