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Mysteries of Silence

By Christopher Lewis


Orthodox poet Christopher Lewis reveals his own soul’s journey through this accomplished first collection of poetry. In a rare combination of what is “earthly” and what is “heavenly”, he synthesizes the temporal human journey with the hope for and glimmering experience of that which is “divine and imperishable.” The soul’s longing for God and the deep struggle of prayer and inner stillness breathe through each carefully placed word.


Combining a classic literary skill with the most sublime inclinations of the human heart, the very illumination he seeks shines through the poems themselves. His poetry is both exalted and accessible. He speaks directly to the interior life, using experiences of the natural world to access the hidden, inner depths of spiritual discovery. Cultivating a small plot of ground, watching a child grow, reading the inscription on an old tombstone, all become icons in his life, windows into eternity. Mysteries of Silence is a welcome addition to the field of poetics, and will be well-received by those who thirst for an experience of the soul, the “breath of God” in a man’s life.

Mysteries of Silence

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