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Two Tales of One City: Saint Xenia of Petersburg

By Zenovia Kotsonis


Follow Yelena, a physician in contemporary Russia, as she walks back in time to the beginnings of her beloved city: St. Petersburg, and comes to know one of its most fascinating and treasured in habitants, St. Xenia.


In two revolving stories, you will accompany both women in the surprising journeys of their lives and learn what draws them together across the centuries.


With heartful story-telling backed by solid historical research, Ms. Kotsonis offers us an endearing journey of our own.  As we watch Yelena labor to answer the pressing questions of faith in an age of scientific dominion, we also see young Xenia struggle with her grief and find the remarkable path which God had fashioned for her - one which would change the course of history in St. Petersburg and touch countless lives across the generations.

Two Tales of One City: Saint Xenia of Petersburg

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