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Weapons From Paradise: The Epic of the Grail

By Christopher Lewis


A simple Roman soldier witnesses events he cannot understand nor explain in the Garden of Gethsemane. Torn flesh is healed miraculously before his very eyes by a Jewish fisherman at the center of a baffling controversy. Little does the soldier know, but this begins an odyssey that will take him to far-flung lands, both interior and exterior.  Initially plunged into madness by witnessing the "death of God" and being unaware of his resurrection, the soldier wanders to Glastonbury. Meeting Joseph of Arimathea, who took Christ down from the Cross, and Bran the Archdruid, master of the ancient wisdom, he encounters a confluence of two powerful worlds which send him on the greatest of quests. 20 years in the making, this epic poem commands a sweeping view of Christianity as the new religion, Arthurian legend, the Roman incursion into the British Isles, and the intersections of the greatest of themes within a human heart.

Weapons from Paradise: The Epic of the Grail

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